Repairing Electronics and Equipment Versus Replacing It

The affordability of electronics and office equipment has resulted in some companies electing to replace systems rather than have them repaired. This makes sense if the equipment is ten years old or older. In that case, newer systems will likely be more energy-efficient, faster, and compact. Copiers, for example, were huge a decade ago. They took up a lot of space, required significant electricity to operate, and were noisy. Models of copiers today are streamlined, quiet, and cost less to operate than older versions. Replacing old equipment is a wise decision.


Replacing equipment that can be repaired is more costly than most companies realize. The capital expenditure of purchasing all new equipment limits available credit and affects current cash flow. There are also other costs to be considered. The installation of new systems and equipment takes time, which will reduce productivity for at least a few day, and up to a few weeks. New accessories, software programs, and integration components will be needed as well. That adds to the expense. The new equipment will have to be set up, programmed, and loaded with current files, documents, and reporting methods. The cost of computer repair Boynton Beach is already looking like a better use of time and money.

Another expense is staff training. Professionals, assistants, and support staff will all have to be trained on how to operate the new system. That requires scheduling, hiring trainers, and paying for coverage while people attend training. It also means appeasing customers and clients while the transition takes place. If the system had a client portal component, notifying and training them will also be required. The hassle and headaches can be avoided with computer repair services. Repairs can prolong the life of current equipment and systems, and no training is necessary.

Many companies assume repair costs will be exorbitant. While that is a possibility, there are less expensive options than traditional repair services. Most repair services are billed by the hour. That can become expensive quickly. It also means that the company has no idea what repairs will cost until the job is completed. Seek a company that bills at flat rates according to the size and scope of the repairs. A company that offers computer repair Boynton Beach utilizes fully certified technicians, and charges flat rates. Take the time to compare the cost of repairs versus the cost of replacement, and go to to learn when repair offers the most benefits.


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